Monday, July 18, 2016

Swept into Confusion

On the way to the Ocean City boardwalk
Today was the second Saturday of the program, which means that we have another mandatory (but fun) trip, this time to Ocean City in New Jersey. After a quick breakfast consisting of a pretzel and yogurt with fruit and granola from Wawa, I packed my backpack with things I might want or need at the beach before heading back into the courtyard of the Quad to wait for the rest of my RC group. Once we had all gathered together, we walked over to our bus and boarded, excited for the upcoming day, with only a few exceptions, one of which was Adi, who apparently does not like the beach. After about two hours on the bus, we finally arrived in Ocean City and proceeded to walk towards the boardwalk. Interestingly enough, we would only be at the beach for four hours, which is about the same amount of time we would be spending on the bus. Once the RCs of the Summer Discovery program had set up their area, I dropped off my backpack there before heading off to explore the boardwalk with Trisha, Serina, and some of their friends.

The first store we went into was Shades of Ocean City, where Trisha bought a brand new pair of Ray-Bans. After that, we decided to go get lunch at the food court next door. I got a slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza, which was mediocre at best and not quite worth the price. Once we had finished our lunches, we headed back to the beach, where I went off by myself to walk along the coastline. While doing so, I came across Liz and some of her friends from her buildings, so I spent some time hanging out with them before we decided to actually go into the ocean. The water was somewhat cold at first, but we soon got acclimated to the coldness as we ventured further into the ocean. We were able to wade pretty far, and oddly enough, the sand on the ocean floor eventually moved upwards again, so that at one point, the water became shallower as we advanced. Not too long afterwards, we decided we had already had enough and waded back to the shore. From there, we walked over to where Liz and her friends had set up their beach towels together, where one of Liz's friends, Jocelyn, showed off her ability to do a headstand and tried to teach me how to do one too. However, I was laughing too much and not taking it quite seriously enough to succeed, although I might try again some other time, if I ever experience the sudden urge to do one.
Inside Shades of Ocean City
The beach, with a small lagoon formed by the rocks
By the time I decided I was done trying to do a headstand, Liz had already left in search of other friends, which sounded like a good idea to me, so I figured I'd do the same. From that point on, I would end up coming across people, only to lose them within minutes before the cycle would restart, sweeping me into a constant state of confusion. After wandering somewhat aimlessly around the beach for a while, I came across my RC group, who were arguing over whether to go in the water or go back to the boardwalk, which I thought seemed rather intense for such a trivial matter, but eventually, they settled on the boardwalk, with only a little of my input. However, I ended up getting sidetracked once I ran into Trisha and ended up losing my RC group, so instead, I walked around the beach with Trisha, trying to find Liz again, only to lose Trisha again not too long afterwards.
A great day to be at the beach
At that point, I decided I'd had enough of the chaos and was in need of a refreshment, so I set out on my own on the boardwalk to find a place to get a smoothie, with my primary criteria being mango as one of the ingredients and the smoothie being a decent price. The quest to find a place that met those criteria turned out to be far more difficult than I had previously imagined it would be. The first three places I went to all did not have mango (two of them had simply run out already), so I continued along the boardwalk to keep searching for more places that sold smoothies. During the search, I came across Liz and her friend, who both had smoothies that apparently included mango, so I decided to go with them, as they said they would show me where they had gotten it, although they didn't quite remember the name or where it was. After walking for several minutes, they admitted they had forgotten the place and went shopping for a hat, but fortunately, a small shop caught my eye. This shop was called Monkey Bread, but I saw an option for a Mango/Blueberry/Raspberry smoothie that wasn't too expensive, so I went up and ordered. Finally, after nearly twenty minutes of searching, I had succeeded in finding the smoothie I had been looking for. I was also happy to see that the ingredients were fresh and watched as the drink was blended right in front of me. However, although it proved to be far more difficult than I had ever anticipated, I think that the challenge made the triumph all the more rewarding, as that was the best-tasting smoothie I've had in recent memory.
The boardwalk at Ocean City in New Jersey
Another angle of the boardwalk
Once I found Liz, her friend, and Trisha, I resolved to pay more attention this time so I wouldn't end up losing them yet again. For the rest of the time before we went to go clean ourselves up for the bus ride back, we went back into the water, walked around the beach, and talked to friends we encountered along the way. The lines for the wash station and for the bathrooms were fairly long, so I ended up not getting a chance to use them, and on the bus ride home, felt rather uncomfortable due to the salt still stuck to my skin and the sand still glued to my body from my calves to my feet.

To say the least, it was certainly a chaotic day at the beach, with the continuous cycle of finding people, only to lose them minutes later. The search for the right smoothie was also more difficult than initially anticipated, but well worth the cost once I got it. All in all, despite all the confusion, I still had fun at Ocean City in New Jersey. 


  1. Nice blog about going to the beach but where are all of the photos of the beach? And how about the people at the beach? Oh well...

    Exotic fruit like mangoes may not be as popular in Jersey as they are here in California.

  2. I thought I had taken more pictures of the beach, but apparently, there was just that one. I do have several of the boardwalk, along with the people on it, however. To clarify about the mango situation, two of the three places I went to had simply run out of mangoes, but I think they are less common in New Jersey.