Wednesday, June 29, 2016


After an exciting week at an Engineering camp, I came back home to spend with my family only to depart again for a month in just a few short days. All too soon, those precious 96 hours went by. Now I am finalizing my packing and getting ready to say goodbye to my family once again until the next month. I cannot contain how excited I am to be part of the incredible journey the UPenn cohort is going to part take in.

This year I feel more prepared than last year when I attended Brown. I knew what to pack and how to pack it because I am taking a whole lot more things than last year yet my bags don’t feel nearly as cumbersome. I have also arranged it so instead of having to haul around two suitcases, I can just attach them together as one! Last year I struggled a ton since there was so much moving around with all our things from terminal to terminal so this year it was one of my priorities when packing to not make it too hard on myself if we have to hurry. I am pretty sure we won't have to because Mr.Hillyer is timely person so there will be no need for that. At least not with all our luggage.

One thing that I was careless and didn’t get for the trip was a microSD card for my camera. Luckily I had one from another camera that I could swap back and forth until I can get my hands on another one. So not all is lost. ‘Tis but a minor mistake.

I’m really looking forward to these next few weeks as it will be my first time in this area of the USA. The culture, cities, and people will be all new to me. This is a great opportunity for me provided by the ILC program and I will make sure to take full advantage of it and to enjoy myself. Like maybe meeting a famous vlogger in NY whose name is Casey Neistat.
All set?!

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