Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Phase 2: Complete!

Today was our last orientation before moving on to traveling to Pennsylvanian and its neighboring states to visit prestigious universities that will surely be the homes to some of 2016 ILCers in the future. 

Last week all of us, the ILCers, were invited by Don to an orientation at Pinole Middle School to ensure that we got the information we and our parents needed for our upcoming trips. After an eventful week, Monday had finally come around and it was time to head out to Pinole Middle. My sister and I headed out around 5 o'clock to make sure that we arrived on time. When we did get there, it was extra early so we stayed in the car for around 30 minutes. When people started to gather, we went to join them then we all walked to the gymnasium. 

John giving a small speech to the parents 
To our surprise and especially Don's, the gym was still closed and and no one seemed to be informed of this meeting. He was furious because he had specifically made arrangements to make this meeting possible. He was going up and down trying to find someone to unlock the gym so we could get the meeting started. After forever Mr. Hillyer found a custodian and the process of unpacking Don's van began. Thanks to everyone it went quickly and effortlessly. 

Once his van fully unloaded and everything inside, everyone starting filing into the gym. Once everyone was seated Don quickly explained what was happening with the delay and then quickly broke off to have a small meeting with the chaperons. Soon after Don returned with the agenda for today's meeting. Then we broke up and spread out throughout the gym by cohorts.

Mr. Hillyer talked about the itinerary that he had nicely typed up for us. We are scheduled to depart very early on June 29th from El Cerrito High school. After that our days will be spent exploring Georgetown University and Columbia University in NY and Washington D.C. Our days will be light since the ILC is introducing travel days were our goals is to get to our destination and prep for the next day. 

Small Group conversation
After the small groups were done, we moved back into our seats and Don began to talk. He broke down what items he had to loan out. These ranged from luggage to his famous fuchsia sheets. Don kept going through the packing list he gave us making sure to point out the differences that each university had in regards to sheet sizes or bathrooms. When he was done, I grabbed one of the loaner item sheets so I could make sure I had everything I need for the up coming trip.

I can't wait until we begin our journey through the U.S and get to meet both wonderful and not so wonderful people that will teach us lessons along the way. With the end of phase two of ILC, I am ready to pack my bags and bid my family farewell for three short weeks


  1. Definitely the veteran here for the ILC. We will have to work together to make sure that the rest of our cohort is all on board! Can't wait for the East Coast either!

  2. Thanks to John for finding that custodian or we might never have gotten in. I went around that school numerous times yelling, pounding on doors and windows and even checking with District people at the other event but still we couldn’t find anyone from the school who could let us in. I had filled out all of the forms, received my permits and even walked through everything with the school Principal just a few days earlier and on Monday it was if none of it had ever happened.

    All of this wasted a lot of our time and made things more difficult in the long run. We were supposed to have four classrooms for our breakout sessions but we never got those. Nor did we get the tables and chairs I had requested. I was especially peeved that the sports field was not opened up--the place dedicated for all of us to park instead of a gazillion miles away.