Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Show of Support

The multipurpose room at Levonya Dejean, where we were presenting ourselves to the Board of Education

After an encouraging dining experience with the UPenn cohort the night before, I was enthusiastic about getting together with the Ivy League Connection as a whole for our school board presentation on May 25. I arrived with my mother to the site of the school board meeting a few minutes early, and watched as students from all across the district, but all beneficiaries of this incredible opportunity, filed in.

Parents, scholars, and facilitators mingling and preparing for the presentation
Our group looked notably different from the tutorial, having transitioned from leggings to slacks and hoodies to blazers. We were all eager to represent the ILC and our respective cohorts in the best way possible. As we waited for things to get started, we chatted about our experiences so far and how much we were looking forward to what was to come.

Once we had perfected how we were going to hold our flag, the UPenn cohort took our seats in the front row. Luckily, the agenda was adjusted so that we could get home early to complete our blogs and our homework. Now, ILC was the first item. And UPenn was first up. Mr. Hillyer and Chris did a great job of introducing us and expressing our gratitude at being a part of such a unique and important program. 

After the students and chaperons from every university were finished presenting, we all went outside to take a group picture. It took a minute for everyone to get into place and for Don to get enough shots so that there will hopefully be one where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. We'll see how we look when the poster comes out.

I realized during the presentation just how lucky I am to go to school in a district that is actively attempting to create a college going culture and making it possible for students to learn about different schools and prepare for life after high school . It means a lot that not only does the Board of Education and the district in its entirety cooperate with the ILC and finance certain aspects of it, but they also want to see and hear from the students who they are helping. I appreciate the support that I could feel from everyone in the room during the presentation; it makes me much more confident going forward with this experience and even more determined to bring back what I learn to the community. 

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