Thursday, May 26, 2016

Excitement With a Side of Fudge

After a long morning of presenting at Hilltop mall, I was ready to once again meet with my cohort to have dinner at Town Hall Restaurant long various sponsors and UPenn alums. I didn't have to worry much about getting ready since I was already dressed. When I got home, I touched up my hair and was ready to head to the Bart station with my sister Karen.

We got to the BART station with time to spare. Kamillah, her mom and Don were already waiting when we got there. Soon after, Allonna arrived and then Chris with his mother. Don broke down the evening for us while some of the ILC alumni arrived to join us on the very windy spot. Don finished up his little seminar then we boarded the train headed towards San Francisco. I sat next to Lisa Romero and we talked about her excitement for her life at UPenn. We kept talking through the whole ride until it was our stop. We had arrived in San Francisco.

Entrance to Town Hall
We made our way onto street level and began our short walk to the Town Hall Restaurant. We arrived to the restaurant pretty early and got to mingle with everyone there. After the mingle session, Ms. Kronenberg, who is apart of the WCCCUSD school board, introduced the alumni, sponsors and us, the ILCers, to each other at the table. This lead into my small speech about ILC, what the opportunity means to me and my cohort and how it personally changed my life as a whole. Soon after the food, was served and we dug in. For the reputation of the restaurant the food was not what I expected. Liz Block and Mahendra Prasad were sitting across from me at the table and we talked through the whole dinner.

Liz went to Duke university and majored in psychology and Mahendra went to various different universities and is currently getting his phD  at UC Berkeley. Mahendra recommended a couple books to Kamillah and I about how to make the best transition from high school to college life. he also told us that during his high school years, he wasn't much of an academic but still got good scores on the SAT and ACT. Liz told us that she was a first-generation college student and had an amazing time at Duke. That struck me, because I will also be a first-generation college student along with my sister. Then all too soon, it was time for dessert.

With delicious fudge brownies by our side, Don gave one last speech. He summed up all of what ILC stands for and reminded all of us of the generosity that went into the scholarships we received. After we finished our amazing dessert, we stepped outside to take a photo with all alumni and all the ILCers by a huge boulder next to the restaurant ending our beautiful and splendid night.

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