Sunday, May 22, 2016

Great Pizza; Great People

After school, I rushed to finish the project for my Civil Engineering class so I could catch an Uber to Zachary's Chicago Style Pizza on Solano Ave. My friends came along with me since they had never been to Zachary's before.

We got there very early and decided to go for a walk. I came across a Japanese antique store full of very interesting items that ranged from tea kettles to art pieces. After a quick stay at the antique shop, we walked and found Pegasus bookstore. To my surprise Chris was already in front of the restaurant taking pictures. I went over to say hi and to kill time we went into the bookstore. Shortly Allonna got there and joined us at the book store. As it got closer to 5:30 PM, we made our way out of the bookstore to find that Don was dropping off Kamillah. 

In no time our chaperon, John came with Liz. We walked in the restaurant and got seated almost immediately. Once we were seated quickly congregated on which pizzas we should order. together we decided on three different pizzas: the Chicago deep dish style BBQ chicken pizza, the "Za'Curry" pizza, and a plain cheese pizza. while the cooks were busy in the kitchen crafting our food, we talked about what we  should expect on our trip like during our college tour we must punctual on our of travels so that we can experience everything the day has to offer. We also got to know Liz. She teaches at ECHS and her father teaches at ECHS. What a small world! 

And so we eat the amazing pizza. I personally liked the curry pizza more than the others because it wasn't as sweet. John continued telling us about the exciting places we will visit in Pennsylvania like Wawas which sounds like 7 Eleven on steroids. All too soon, the dinner came to an end and we all asked our last questions and said goodbye. I think that it was a very successful outing because we got to make connections with each other over food. There is just no better way. I look forward to seeing more of my cohort this summer! 

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