Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Short and To the Point

The School board meeting this year was surprisingly short. Don anticipated the meeting to be over around 8:00 to 8:30 PM but instead it ended around 7:30 PM making this blog substantially short.

My day began by going through the motions of school. At the end of the academic day, Jackie and I walked to my house to get ready for the school board meeting that was going to take place at 6:00 PM in De jean Middle School. We took our time since it was too early to head to the meeting.

Friendly faces
Once it was time, my father accompanied us to the event. We still got there very early so we decided to go outside for some fresh air and to kill sometime. When we went back in the multipurpose room, many of our fellow ILCers had gotten there. Jackie and I quickly spotted Aimee and headed over to say hi.While we were talking about our day, I saw my cohort gather so I headed over to exchange greetings.

When the meeting started we proceeded to seat in the from because we were going up first. Mr. Hillyer sat on the second row and gave us a small talk about the presentation. When we went up, Mr. Hillyer talked about who he was and what universities we are going to visit before our class starts then turned it over to Chris, who was standing next to him. Chris expressed how grateful we all are for the opportunities to expand our horizons through the Ivy League Connection. 

After his small speech we sat back down and waited for the other cohorts to go up. The last one to go up was the Vanderbilt cohort for which Edward was speaking. Thanks to Ms.Kronenberg we got to finish our presentations early and as a result  got home in time to finish our school work.

After the meeting it was time for pictures! Don had set up a stage out in the courtyard for our group picture. I sat on the second row behind the guys. After what seemed like a thousand pictures, Don was satisfied and it was time to go home. 

I enjoyed the meeting because it wasn't too long like last time. It made me realize that we are on the verge of going off to Pennsylvania to pursue greater knowledge to ma
ke our lives and community better.

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