Saturday, May 14, 2016

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

After hitting the snooze button for what seemed hours, I lazily got up. Mornings are not my thing but none the less, I was excited for the tutorial that marks the official beginning to the University of Pennsylvania. I like to call it the second phase of the Ivy League Connection. 

My sister dropped me off in front of De Anza High school. As I walked in the computer lab, I saw Aimee and Mauricio sitting in the second row of computers so I sat with them. We later decided to move to another row so we could see the screen better which lead to many technical difficulties. Mauricio couldn't get his computer to turn on and I couldn't get mine to login. When Kamillah came she also had great difficulty with the computers but after that it was smooth sailing(kind of). 

Don gave us a small lecture in the do's and don'ts of blogging and being an ILCer. We did a little bit of blogging for which I wrote mostly gibberish and my fixation on the cookies and water I had in front of me which by the way were pretty darn good cookies. 

After we went outside to take some photos for our beautiful practice blogs. I didn't take many pictures because I don't like using my phone. This then turned into a small break that lead into the third part of the tutorial which was uploading files to MediaFire. this is went things went a bit south.

Various computers in the room couldn't access the website which caused many delays. Luckily, I was able to email my self the photos and insert them in my practice blog in a breeze. 

For the last part of our long meeting, Don talked about laptop safety and we got to ask questions that ranged from the ropes of traveling to the things we should bring in our luggage and loaner items. This was fun because we got to play with the laptop security cable and the loaner items Don brought to show us. 

All in all, today was fun and full of learning even though it was my second tutorial. I can't wait to got to the East Coast and show them what I'm capable of. 
Left to right: Mauricio, Aimee, Jackie, Me(Diana) and Edward

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