Sunday, July 24, 2016

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Last day selfie with professor Hansen 
Friday, our last day. I don’t believe how fast these three weeks went by. I got so engulfed in everything that I forgot that it was going to end at some point but now that the end is right around the corner, I can't help but feel sad. This morning I woke up, took  a shower and let the warm water melt away my sadness and instead fill me with happiness because my capstone project was finalized. I quickly got ready and headed for College Hall where my small group discussion was going to present.

Helen, Betty Therese and
I at the photo booth
When I got there, I saw that I was going to present last. I didn’t want to be the last one but that’s how it played out. The nice thing was that I got to sit back and watch everyone’s presentation before I got to go up. Some of the capstone projects were very interesting. One of them was about violence against men and how no one drew attention to it because of the societal standards that men are supposed to follow that prohibit any weakness from being shown. After everyone had presented their projects, we went back to the lecture hall where pizza was awaiting. We enjoyed the break with the whole class and then we dove into our reflection section.

We broke off into small groups and talked about what we were thankful for. I said that I was thankful for all the knowledge that I had gained because it helped me see different perspectives for the same issues. After we wrote down things that we had learned and how we would make the program better. I think that if there was more discussion time it would be better because it would give the students more time to process the information. Once the reflections were done, we got our certificates of completion. We got called up one by one like a graduation to get our certificate from professor Hansen and everyone clapped. To top it all off we got cupcakes!

When I was done saying my goodbyes, I went back to pack my things and made plans with Helen and Therese to go eat out for one last time. We decided to go to Noodle Bar which was close to the movie theater. It was a really good decision because the noodles were very good. We chatted about our plans for the program but eventually it came time to go back to the Quad. We got there around 7 PM so we decided to watch an episode of Orange Is The New Black before the carnival started. The carnival was planned by the RCs as a last day treat for all of us. When it was time, we decided to go to the palm reader first which already had a huge line. We waited for a bit but people were cutting so we decided to come back later and went to the candy bar. There we stocked up on all types of sweets and went to get a popsicle and once again got in line for the palm reader and waited.
Photo Booth picture with Jenna

After what seemed forever, it was my turn. The palm reader told me I would get home safely and that I had a business in the future. She also said that I was going to have three kids (I’m not so sure about that prediction). After getting our palms read we went to the photo booth where we took a picture with our RC Jenna. All too soon it was time to get back to the dorm and keep packing. Before then I got a chance to meet some of the kids from the math class which was really nice and welcoming (except that kid that said Richmond was a horrible place). I wish I had met them earlier! With that, I went to my room to finish packing and get some sleep for the journey the next day.

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  1. Cupcakes? Carnival? Noodle bar? I’m envious, Diana.