Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chocolate Dreams

Today is the start of the first weekend after the start of classes. Off to a great start if I do say so myself.

Even if it’s just an extra hour, it’s more sleep nonetheless. I woke up at 8 and started my morning routine to be ready and at the bus by 9:30. While getting ready however, my nail got caught in some of my clothes and ended up bending backwards. I ignored it then and finished getting ready so that i could go to Kamillah’s dorm and ask for nail clippers. When I got there, Kamillah seemed to be in a frenzy. She explained that she was looking for her wallet. I helped her look for it and eventually found it. She then gave me the nail clippers and i took care of the broken nail. By the time that was all said and done it was time to go; Kamillah and I made our way down to the bus where we met with the rest of the group, boarded the bus, and headed to Hersheypark.

Therese and Amber  right after SkyRush
Kamillah And I right after SkyRush
Hersheypark was 2 hours from the university right in the middle of nowhere. We arrived and the first thing I'm greeted with as I got off the bus was the aromatic scent of chocolate. We entered the park as a group and once inside, we set a meeting spot for later when we leave and then we were set free. Kamillah, Therese, Amber, and I all headed to the amusement park. Our first stop: the SkyRush roller coaster, the track towering above our heads and we immediately knew we must ride it, and we did. It probably wasn’t worth the almost full hour wait time in line, but we still went through with it. The ride wasn’t as terrifying as it seems. After that ride we explored the other ride options. We went on a ride with water but didn't get wet surprisingly. One ride we got on, Great Bear, was similar to the Sky Rush but instead was a bit slower. I liked this ride very much because it gave me some time to actually process what was happening on the ride. After this we had lunch; just your typical, bland, amusement park chicken tenders and fries.

Entrance to the chocolate factory tour
After lunch we went to the water park section. Therese and Amber went to get their stuff from somewhere, so it was just Kamillah and I. We wanted to go in the lazy river but the line for that was way too long. So instead we changed our minds and went to the Hershey factory gift shop. We reunited with Therese and Amber there as well. I got a Hershey kiss pillow and a sweatshirt. We made it to the counter and I bought my things but when it was Kamillah’s turn she realized that she lost her wallet, again. So we asked the cashier to hold onto the stuff as we try to look for the missing wallet. Kamillah tried retracing her steps but could not find it. At this point we were all freaking out so  I asked an employee where I could report a lost wallet. The employee very nicely told us that there wasn’t anything when she checked 30 minutes ago but she went to check again. She came back and asked what the wallet looked like and Kamillah explained. The employee smiled and gave Kamillah her wallet with everything in it! She said “Sometimes things just work out. There are very nice people in the world.” We said thankful a million times and proceeded to go on a tour of the chocolate factory.

Singing Cow
Creepy yet charming statues
The tour reminded me of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We got on carts that were in groups of three. They went through a path lined with singing animals and speakers that told us in what part of what part in the chocolate making the process we were. At the end,they gave us a small Hershey chocolate bar which I thought was sweet.  We Quickly rushed to go to the meeting place because it was almost time but when our bags were getting searched Jenna walked by so we just walked to the bus with her. When we got to the dorms I sent in the top I want for my capstone project. I know I want to research food deserts in low income areas but i am not sure if I want to research how gang violence contributes to food desserts, how food desserts come to be or how food desserts prevent low income communities from moving forward. I hope to get feedback from the professor in that sense. Today was extremely fun.  I hope tomorrow, when I go ice skating it would be just as fun as a big amusement park.

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