Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunshine and Great Tans

Today was a very exciting day because we got to go to Ocean City in New Jersey! The whole Summer Discovery program went to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk that was lined with shops and restaurants.  

In the morning,  I woke up around 8:30 AM to get ready for the beach. I packed my towel, sweater, and my portable charger just in case. Then when it was time, I walked down stairs to meet up with my floor mates to walk to the bus. Before we left I decided to get some food because I didn’t want to eat right when we got to Ocean City. Very conveniently there was a food truck that served lunch and breakfast right outside the Quad. I decide to get a bagel and some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate?! In this hot weather?! you might say but I drank it in our air conditioned bus!

Once we got to Ocean city, Therese and I went to freshen up in the bathroom  where me met up with Kamillah. After putting some sunblock on we started to walk around the boardwalk before we decided to check out some of the stores. There was a lot of the same clothing in all of them. After a while of window shopping we decided to go and hang out at the beach. We layed out our towels and sunbathed for a while. It was very relaxing and therapeutic specially since we hadn’t been on the beach in a very long time.
The beach was pretty packed
After a while of laying there, we decided to go in the water. I thought it was going to be very cold but it wasn’t. It was cool but not freeing like in Cali. We stayed in the water for a good hour. By then it was almost time to reconvene at the flashpoint that the RCs had set up for us. Before then I went back to a store called Shirt Shack to buy a drawstring bag and a shirt. They actually make all their clothing and put the decals on them. I thought that was very unique.

After the shopping, It was time to head back to UPenn. We met up at the flashpoint and as a big group walked back to our awesome buses. I took a nap and like magic, when I woke up, we were back in front of the Quad. I had a great deal of fun and got to relax and be covered in sand.

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