Sunday, July 17, 2016

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Today was a very uneventful day in the sense that physically I didn’t do much except go out to eat and walk around. I woke up around 9 AM since I had planned on going to the Phillies vs Mets game but I wasn’t feeling all that well so I decided to say in my dorm, take care of myself and work on my capstone project.

I went to get some breakfast from the same food truck as yesterday and ate while in the comfort of my AC. When I finished, I started looking at the Penn database for documents related to my research topic which is food deserts in low income areas like Richmond. I am not very familiar with how to use a database so I didn’t really get much out of it so I resorted to Google Scholar since I’ve worked with it before.

I found some seemingly interesting articles but nothing too specific about my topic question which is a bummer.i spent so much time looking and finessing with the terms I searched but I still couldn’t find much. It was getting a bit late so I decided to get out of my room and see some sunlight. I was hungry so I walked to Chipotle and got a salad bowl. It reminded me of my sister Karen since she loves Chipotle and often times takes me there when we hang out. In a way it made me a bit homesick but I was hungry so I got distracted by the food.

When I was done, I walked around UPenn for a while to stretch my limbs and get refreshed. When I got back to my dorm, Betty was already in our room. She went with Helen to shop in the outlets. She brought back several bags and a new pair of shoes.

As it got darker I decided to stop my research and get ready to sleep because tomorrow is the start of the new week. Our last week actually. It’s crazy how fast time has gone by! I am definitely not ready to leave this beautiful campus and all the amazing people I have met. For now I will not think about it and learn as much as possible.

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