Friday, July 15, 2016

The Systematic Inequality In Education

In today’s world having an education is as important as breathing. Without at least a high school diploma, employment is rare if not nonexistent. With the need of education comes the question of whether it is accessible to everyone. Many will argue that if individuals work hard and push themselves they can achieve higher education and be successful. However, this is not entirely true. Within the education system exist many biased subsystem that by nature cater to people with more privilege and marginalize those who actually need a helping hand. Today in class we dove into the education system and looked into the school reforms that have come through the years.
One of the TAs explaining a study that made a correlation between
the job of the of the dad and the job of the kid 

Dr. Hansen gave us the history summary like usual and then our speaker stepped forward and began to talk to us about school reform. He brought up that nowhere in the constitution does it say that education is a right that everyone has yet all the states have some kind of clause that says that they have the duty to provide the best education possible. That statement is very vague and leaves room for discrimination and exclusion of minority groups.

The education system is also flawed in such a way that it provides more money to schools that are in wealthier neighborhoods because the people there pay higher taxes and can afford to donate money to said schools. This leaves schools in lower income areas to fend for themselves and ends up affecting the quality of the education that the students get. These students then go to higher education and struggle twice as hard as someone from the wealthy, predominantly white neighborhoods.

Minorities are going to earn less even if they have the same degrees as white people. They work hard so they lose out on the connections aka social stuff. This made me mad because it’s so unfair for low income students to work extra hard and earn less. We wrapped up this lesson and quickly had a lunch break.

After lunch, in discussion group we made choice seas. We drew what pushes us forward to college and what stopped us. For me, it was being a hispanic female in a low income family, burdened with cultural expectations that kept me back however family, friends, being bilingual and financial aid progress me to my goal of higher education. I learned a ton about the people in my group and how forces outside of their lives affect them. This helped me relate to these people even more as some of them said the same thing as I did. This discussion was a strong bonding moment for some of us including me. That was the end of the class. Therese and I went to get dinner together.
After dinner, Therese and I did our laundry. While we waiting for the machines, we saw a little event happening so we joined the dance party in the quad. It was fun and I got to hang out around the quad for a while. After we picked up our laundry, we headed to our dorms to fold it then fall asleep.

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