Monday, July 11, 2016

Gliding to the New Week

Skate rink
Today was a very short day and I’m thankful for it because  everything has been moving pretty quickly so I got to relax a bit while still having fun and hanging out with my friends.

I got up around 10:30, got ready, and got on the bus headed to the ice skating rink. When I got there it was mostly a breeze… well besides actually putting on the skates… and the times I fell. Kamillah and Therese were also there and they seemed to catch on pretty quickly. For the remainder of the time there, we all held hands and skated together. Despite holding hands, I still fell numerous times. The last fall I took especially hurt. We left the rink together in one piece thankfully, maybe a bit bruised but still alive and kickin’.
Kamillah and Therese

We got back to the university and I immediately took a nap once I got back to my room hoping that would help with the pain. I woke up and, if anything, it got worse. My cohort met up and headed to go meet with John. We took a group photo with our UPenn gear and then we went to Bobby’s burgers. I got a blueberry pomegranate milkshake and drank it while we waited, which was a pretty long time. Well the milkshake wasn’t that bad but I don’t know if they are the best.

Once we got our food, we headed back to the dorm with the food. I started to eat it in my room but it upset my stomach so I decided to stop eating it before it turned into a full blown stomachache. Hopefully tomorrow I don’t feel too much pain from the falls I took. Even if it was painful, I still had a ton of fun ice skating. I can’t wait to discuss race and policing with my small group since we didn’t have time Friday.

This Monday we will be discussing religious freedom, immigration and pluralism. Our regular professor will be talking to us about this very important topic and we will have a extra time for small group discussion because on Friday we went to the African American Museum so we didn't have enough time to break off into small groups.

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