Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/10 Chocolate Heart Attack

Inside Hershey Park
An exciting adventure awaited me as I stepped onto bus six and took a seat next to my dorm mate, Zainab. We were all going to Hershey Park, an amusement and waterpark with a chocolate factory right next to it. I was enthusiastic on going because amusement parks are my favorite. I haven’t been to one in so long that I had forgotten what a roller coaster even feels like. Ever since I was younger, I had my heart set on coming to see the Hershey’s Chocolate World. I’m a dedicated chocoholic and my dream was about to come true.

The drive there took almost two hours. The views we were passing made it seem as if we were in the middle of nowhere. There were large country sides with crops growing out of the fields. It was peaceful and beautiful. We knew we were getting close when we saw farms with the name Hershey labeled on top with cows roaming around. It took ten more minutes until we saw a large roller coaster ahead with signs along the way saying, “Welcome to Hershey Park.”

As I stepped out of the bus with caution, the heat hit me with full force. I knew it was going to be hot but not that hot. I was pleased with myself for wearing my tank top and Adidas shorts because if I wore jeans I would’ve been dying. We had parked a far distance from the park so all nine of the buses would be together without any traffic congestion problems. As I walked to the park in a large group, I could smell the sweet chocolate aroma drifting through the air. It caused my stomach to growl and crave the candy. An RC handed us all one ticket; if we wanted to leave and visit chocolate world, we were required to get a stamp for re-entry.

I walked through the gates of Hershey Park ready to take down all of the roller coasters. I called and waited for Diana to come since I knew she loved roller coasters too. She came up with both of her friends and we started our adventure. The first roller coaster we went on was called “Sky Rush.” The wait to go on took about an hour. It didn’t feel like it but it sadly did. The ride itself was exhilarating. There were no restraints on our upper body, only a bar that locked us in tight from the waist and a handle in front of us to hold on to. The tension builds up, only making the drop better. Everyone was screaming. I couldn’t tell if it was out of fear or out of excitement. I love roller coasters because I feel free while riding them. It’s as if my fear or discomfort that I usually have disappears and forms with a courageous form of confidence. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.
Skyrush Roller Coaster
We went on two more rides before giving in and getting something to eat. After we finished, we decided to try out the water park. The water park was on the other end from where we were located at. It took us about five to ten minutes to walk there. The heat was encouraging me to get into my swimsuit and get on as many water rides as I could, and I did. Due to time, we were only able to go onto one ride in the water park. It was sad but that one ride was one of the best ones we went on. It built tension as it inclined up the tracks and when it dropped, our entire bodies were drenched with water. The water was cold and the slight breeze made it worse as we stepped out of the vehicle. 

It was around 5:00 PM or later when Diana and I went to Chocolate World. We lost her two friends waiting for them out the locker room so we decided to move on without them so we would have enough time to see Chocolate World without rushing. 

Chocolate World was my heaven. There were chocolate bars weighing up to five pounds, create your own chocolate bar area (which we didn’t see until the end), food stands with different chocolate delicacies to choose from, large amounts of merchandise that could form to be its own clothing store, 4D shows which allows you to smell the surroundings, and a ten-minute tour of how their chocolate is made and the ingredients they include inside of it.
Outside of Hershey's Chocolate World

Diana and I both decided to buy gray Hershey’s Chocolate World hoodies along with a Hershey’s Kiss pillow before we embarked on our tour. By that time Therese and Amber caught up with us and went exploring throughout the factory. Right when I was about to pay, I realized that my wallet was missing. My heart had dropped and panic flowed through my mind. I had searched everyone around the store for it. It contained everything that I needed including my room keys, PENN key card, Cal State ID, debit card, cash, and my Jamba Juice buy one get one free of equal or lesser value card. I was stressing out and felt beyond idiotic and disappointed with myself for letting that happen. I usually keep my wallet inside my bag at all times, but I guess when I was putting in my coins, I placed it on a clothing rack and left it there as I got distracted with my surroundings. The only thing I could actually think about was the cost it would be to replace those keys. It was money that I knew I cannot afford.

Diana had suggested we go to the front and ask if anyone turned it in. It was worth a shot but felt so futile. As we approached the desk, we asked a nearby worker with courtesy, if anyone had turned in a wallet. She went to the back of the room and checked. She came back holding the wallet in her hand. I was beyond ecstatic. Words could not describe all the rush of emotion I was receiving seeing that wallet. Diana and Therese both gave me a hug, happy that someone had turned it in. Everything in my wallet was there and not a dime missing. I was extremely lucky and blessed to have been able to have everything back and someone to have turned it in. That person is a true angel and I could never be more thankful than I was in that moment. It really proves that there are good people in this world.

Hershey's Chocolate Bar Guiding the Tour
There were about thirty minutes left before we had to meet back and return to the buses in the parking lot. All of us decided to go on the tour that they had to finish off our day. The tour itself made me feel as if I was Willie Wonka. From the way chocolate was made in that movie, was actually real. We rode in little cars that transported us all around the factory. The smell of chocolate that lingered formed a smile on my face and in my stomach. There were little Hershey’s characters that explained to us through each process and step they take while making their one of a kind chocolate. It was cute but creepy at the same time. The lighting made the characters look scary at different angles. Their smiles plastered across their faces, their eyes popping out of its sockets, and the way their mouths moved made it seem as if they were psychotic. The tour ended with an employee handing us chocolate bars on the way out.

It was 6:25 PM. We had five minutes before we had to be out of chocolate world and right where we were meeting to head back to the buses. All four of us sped walk all the way to the gates of the amusement park where we waited in the bag check line before so we could re-enter. Diana, Therese, and Amber all saw their RC, Jenna, as we were about to go through the gates. We all rushed to come with her so we wouldn’t be left behind. I notified my RC, Louise, where I was so she wouldn’t be concerned. As long as I made it onto bus six again then I would be fine.

Right when we were all heading back to Philly, it started pouring rain. We were all lucky to escape that random weather, especially since most of us weren’t prepared for it. Surprisingly tired from a long day, I plugged in my ear phones blasting my music, and sat quietly on the bus until we returned back to the Quad. It was a day full of surprises and with a few heart stoppers along the way. It was one of the most memorable days yet. 

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  1. As much as I enjoyed reading about your roller coaster rides, your tour through the chocolate factory and your shopping experience, my heart sank when I read that you couldn’t find your wallet. Having had my home broken into twice and my car broken into 15 times--all in an 18 month period--I know something about losing things.

    I was so pleased to read that you had recovered it. I hope this reinforces any thoughts you have that there are good people walking about you--people who wouldn't think twice about turning in the wallet without taking ‘finders fee’ for themselves.